Static Site Post Scheduler

Static Site Post Scheduler

The post scheduler is a serverless project that gives static site owners the ability to schedule posts (or other site content).

It works with any static site setup (Jekyll, Hugo, Phenomic, Gatsby etc.)

Video demo | Repo

How does it work?

  1. A github webhook fires when pull requests (aka new posts) are updated.
  2. If the pull request comment has a comment matching schedule(MM/DD/YYYY H:MM pm) and the person is a collaborator on the project, the post gets scheduled for you.
  3. A serverless cron job runs every hour to check if a post is ready to be published
  4. When the post is ready to be published, the cron function automatically merges the branch into master and your site, if you have CI/CD built in, will redeploy itself.

To cancel scheduled posts, delete the scheduled comment and it will unschedule the branch.

Github Webhook Architecture Overview

cloudcraft - post scheduler webhook

Cron Job Architecture Overview

cloudcraft - post scheduler cron setup