👋 Hi, I’m David.

I like building fun things with serverless tech.

Most of my time is spent on software architecture, user experience, and product development.

I’m currently working with Netlify, as a technical product manager, where I help bring to life new software to help developers streamline their workflows & build more awesome.

Before Netlify, I was hustling as a full stack developer & dev advocate at Serverless Inc.. Before that, I was the lead developer on the UI/UX team at Mulesoft, building their design system.

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I ran a company called Inbound Now, where we built a variety of open-source marketing tools to help companies to grow their businesses.

Before writing a line of code, I was a marketing consultant at HubSpot, where I helped hundreds of companies with their content strategy, conversion rate optimization, and inbound lead generation.

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