Scope is a customizable bird’s eye view of your Github project.


It automatically pulls in issues & Pull requests and sorts them into columns you define. Think github projects on steroids.

Built using event driven serverless tech, the application can be cloned down, configured, & deployed for your project in minutes.

Deploy it as a stand-alone application or embed it directly into your project’s site.


  • Customize the labels/columns to fit your project
  • Customizable styles 💁
  • Driven by push based Github webhooks
  • Run as standalone app or Embed on your project’s site
  • Look mom! No servers!

Data automatically updates when activity happens in your repository and your status board will reflect the latest state of your project.

Why we built it

We built this tool for our community to help keep people up to speed with what is happening with the serverless project & to highlight places where we actively want feedback + collaboration.

  • Quickly sort and see high priority issues & Pull requests
  • Call out which issues need attention from your community
  • Zoom into important aspect of your open source project

Featured on Github’s Tools for Open Source

How it works

cloudcraft - status board webhook listener 1

cloudcraft - status board ui 2