Your Pedigree Means Shit

An interesting thought to ponder:

Does your educational pedigree matter for building software?

I’d say no. A formal CS degree helps but it’s not completely necessary.

What matters to me, is what the person is capable of, right now, and what got them here (a.k.a their body of work)

Some of the brightest bulbs I’ve ever met never had a lick of formal CS training. They are “self” taught rock stars, who learned from google searches, videos, books, and generous mentors.

Side note: Not knocking CS Degrees. If you have one, kudos to you! I often wish I was able to take some CS courses during my college career. =)

The problem with pedigrees

Pedigrees serve stereotypes.

Stereotypes help people make faster decisions but, alas, not always the correct one.

Lets try to evaluate folks based on merits rather than where they went to school or what they are formally trained in

Also, when interviewing potential candidates try to avoid these dev interviews pitfalls

Your pedigree means shit.

The only thing that matters is what you deliver

Are you shipping quality? Keep on keeping on