The most important thing for Facebook business pages

There are a lot of tips and tricks out there for optimizing your Facebook fan page.

While most are dead on and contain bits and pieces to make your overall facebook fan page a better experience few mention the single most important bit about why businesses are even on Facebook.

Here it is: You are on Facebook to engage with people with the ultimate goal of getting those people back into your site.

There are some spillover benefits to FB fan pages of course, like branding, customer service, & fun. But at the end of the day if you are a Business on Facebook, you primary goal should be lead generation.

So how do you generate leads from Facebook?

Well, start by optimizing the single most important piece of your facebook fan page.

The Single Most Important Part of Your Facebook Fan Page

Have a live link back into your site! It’s probably the most overlooked spot on fan pages and most people simply include text about their company in this section.

Make sure you start your about us section with a live link back to your site. It’s a no brain-er. Do it.

If you have already done this and are saying to yourself, “no duh David, this is kids stuff.”

Kudos! You are ready for some more advanced facebook tips.

If you haven’t done this… Come on Meow! It’s easy, I will show you below.

Click into your about us section from your timeline and then click the edit button.

Then make the simple change!

In the about section, drop in your full link.

If you want to be all “marketery” about it you could use or another link shortener to track click throughs on the link.

Bottom line: if you don’t make this simple change, it’s that much harder for a person to leave facebook and visit your site.

People no longer have the patience to type full URLs in their browser. Don’t make them.