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How to Target Customers Deep in the Buying Process with Competitor Keywords

Sometimes it seems that every keyword phrase worth targeting for a blog post has been conquered by someone else and all is lost.

I'm here to tell you that it's not!

Cheer up.

If you are discouraged with your blogging efforts is to head back to the drawing board and focus on one of the most commonly used search queries know to man.

"This vs that"

Head into Google and type in your brand/competitors brands with vs behind them. Depending on the size of your company you may or may not have a number of suggestions before your eyes.

If your company is a relatively unknown brand, then try using a well-known industry leader. You should come up with something.

Why use VS Search Queries?

With information about virtually every company & service at the consumer's fingertips, it's no surprise to find that a ton of searchers are doing their homework on their options.

It's never been easier for the consumer to head into Google and find out why "blue widgets" are better than "red widgets".

Instead of letting them fumble through google, if there are no results, why not pull them into your site with an unbiased truthful review of your services/products vs competitors?

There is nothing that conveys more trust than saying "Well we are great at this, while our competitor exceeds at blank. It really depends on what your needs are."

The Mystical Awesome Power of  VS search Queries

Why does this search term consistently pull in well-qualified traffic?

  1. These searchers are deep in the buying cycle.
  2. They are actively doing their homework and know your company and competitors.
  3. They want to see where you shine/fail compared to their other options.

Then they want to buy or take the next step. Why not let them? On your turf, give them the information they need to make their purchasing decision.

Build trust and have them come into your site for the answers to their questions about you and competitors.

More Awesome - The VS Search on Steroids

Go to Ubersuggest.org and try the same thing. It is going to give you back a much bigger and better list for you to play with.

If your company pulls back no results, again, try a bigger more well-known brand in the space.

There is absolutely no reason why you couldn't write a vs post comparing two other companies' products or services on your companies blog.

One Tip: If you are writing about other companies' products/services make sure to give an accurate assessment of them, It could prove bad for you if you were to give false information around a competitor.

Blog Post or Product Page?

It really doesn't matter as long as you are creating a new page on your site that is optimized for the keyword phrase. You also want to have the ability to lead them into the next process of the buying cycle, so make sure you have calls to action to speak to their query.

These searches might very well be ready to take the next step, so give them the ability to "talk to a red widget expert today" and get them to convert.

If are interested in better targeting your calls to action on your site, you might be interested in our contextual call to action WordPress plugin.