Take Off Your Tinfoil Hat

“I don’t want to use gmail or chrome or android because I don’t want Google to have anymore information on me”

If you have ever said this, facepalm yourself. If you have ever heard this facepalm the perpetrator.

Would you like to know a secret? Google doesn’t give a shit about your “secrets”.

Google is an advertising company, not a clandestine agency hell bent on exposing your secret Japanese porn fetish.

Sure they are scanning your activity and serving ads tailored to your behavior. If you don’t want ads, turn on Adblock. Problem solved.

“But it’s the principle of the matter, my information is my information.”

If you really want to keep your precious information to yourself, opt out of the web. It’s very akin to a secret no longer becoming a secret once you tell another person.

Once you are on the web, your behavior is being tracked, analyzed, and utilized.

If you want to stick to your archaic principles, good luck.

Free awesome stuff on the web comes at a negligible cost. Demographic and behavior data used to serve you more relevant ads.

Note: you can opt out of ads with Adblock or gasp not click on ads.

If you still want to surf the web completely anonymously, you better learn how to use proxies.

If you are like 99.9999% of the rest of the world, you really don’t have anything to hide.

Take off your tinfoil hat and live a little.