Getting Your Non-Profit Started in Social Media

Here is a quick 3 minute video of Chris Brogan sharing some notable tips on using Social Media for Social Good. Chris is an extremely well know social media consultant, author, and speaker who really knows his stuff when it comes to injecting social media into the overall marketing mix.


Chris points out social media is free and inexpensive, moves fast, presents an opportunity to humanize/ show passion, and many times can have a larger impact than most traditional marketing channels.


1. Most tools are free and/or inexpensive (i.e. blogging, podcasts, and videos – specifically sites like Facebook, Twitter, & Wordpress).

2. These tools give opportunity to humanize; a video gives viewers the opportunity to see a face (face>text) and passion is visualized.  If you are trying to raise awareness for a cause try uploading a video on your website/blog of you explaining it or (if possible) actually doing it.

3. A message moves QUICKLY through social media without taking much of your time or money.

4. Larger impacts can be made using social media over traditional marketing channels.

Chris’  Tips for Easily Getting Started in Social Media:

  • Find where your target  market is interacting and build an account (Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress = free)
  • Build out profile – decide what you are/are not interested in sharing
  • Upload a picture/video = humanize your profile
  • LISTEN/OBSERVE:  for example, go to “” and see what people are talking about & are interested in.  This also gives you the opportunity to see how others who are interested in the same things utilize a particular social media/networking tool.  You can start out by modeling their behavior until you get the hang of it.
  • Follow them & build your social network—it becomes organic
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment
How is your non-profit leveraging Social Media? Let us know in the comments below!