Leveraging content to the fullest: Rinse, repurpose & reuse content in multiple mediums

Giving presentations in your area of expertise is a great way to give back to your community, challenge your own personal status quo and a great way to generate business.

Get out there and take any chance you can get to share your passions and that big brain of yours with anyone who will listen. It will get easier over time, I promise.

After your presentation, It’s back to business as usual and back to the blogging grindstone. I highly recommend publishing at LEAST 3 times a week on your companies blog if you are interested in seeing your organic traffic go up and to the right.

Blogging can be tough for a lot of people who don’t consider themselves “writers” but guess what? That presentation you spent hours creating is also the next 10 (or so) posts for your blog’s editorial calendar.

Think about it: That perfect PowerPoint (or Keynote for all you hipsters out there) presentation you created to share your awesome ideas is content gold.

You probably went through your slide deck beforehand and memorized the key points of each.

Take that idea from slide #11 and put your thoughts into keystrokes.

Each slide should stand alone to tell a story, let alone three or four measly paragraphs.

Pro Lazy Person Tip: Record your live presentations and have the audio transcribed. Chop up the transcription into bite sized blog posts and add a quick intro paragraph to give it some context. Boom have a blog post.

Chances are you are using keyword rich phrases in your talk and those precious words could be contributing to the content on your site to drive more organic search traffic.

Go forth. Recycle, rinse, and reuse your content.

Do you have any other techniques that you use to repurpose content?

Share them down in the comments below.