How to Respect Visitor "Do Not Track" settings with your Analytics tools

Privacy is at the forefront of many conversations about the web these days.

Did you know there is a Do Not Track spec for the web?

Most folks don’t know this exists or how to work with it (including myself until recently).

TLDR; “Do Not Track” refers to browser settings (and server request headers) that tell a website owner whether or not the person wants to be tracked

Groovy, but how do we use it?

Using “Do Not Track”

Like most browser specs, the implementation differs across browsers.

There are 4 different settings to check:

  1. window.doNotTrack
  2. navigator.doNotTrack
  3. navigator.msDoNotTrack
  4. window.external.msTrackingProtectionEnabled()

And the valid values can be ‘1’, ‘yes’, or boolean…

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻    shite

But not to worry, I’ve pulled together a handy function to help.

You can use this code to wrap your client side analytic calls and respect your visitors privacy.

function isDoNotTrackEnabled() {
  if (typeof window === 'undefined') return false
  const { doNotTrack, navigator } = window
  // Do Not Track Settings across browsers
  const dnt = (doNotTrack || navigator.doNotTrack || navigator.msDoNotTrack || msTracking())

  if (!dnt) return false

  if (dnt === true || dnt === 1 || dnt === 'yes' || (typeof dnt === 'string' && dnt.charAt(0) === '1')) {
    return true
  return false

function msTracking() {
  const { external } = window
  return 'msTrackingProtectionEnabled' in external &&
  typeof external.msTrackingProtectionEnabled === 'function' &&

/* Usage in your site */
if (isDoNotTrackEnabled()) {
  // dont fire your tracking
} else {
  // fire tracking

I’ve bundled up this function in the analytics-plugin-do-not-track package on npm.

Install the module:

npm install analytics-plugin-do-not-track

Here’s how to implement in your app:

import { doNotTrackEnabled } from 'analytics-plugin-do-not-track'

const isDNT = doNotTrackEnabled()
if (!isDNT) {
  // run tracking stuff

Manually instrumenting every single analytics call in your app to respect the global DNT setting might might be a lot of work. But it doesn’t have to be.

I’d recommend checking out the analytics module.

npm install analytics

Analytics is a lightweight, extendable analytics library designed to work with any third party analytics provider to track page views, custom events, & identify users.

Because it’s pluggable, we can simply add the analytics-plugin-do-not-track plugin and all page views, events tracked, & identify calls will respect the users setting. They automatically noOp and do not call the remote analytics tool.

Pretty neat 😁

Here’s how you can use it with analytics

import Analytics from 'analytics'
import googleAnalytics from 'analytics-plugin-ga'
import doNotTrack from 'analytics-plugin-do-not-track'

const analytics = Analytics({
  app: 'my-app',
  plugins: [
      trackingId: 'UA-1111222233',
    // ... other analytic tools. See

  If visitor has "do not track" set in their browser,
  all tracking will noOp and no data will be sent to Google Analytics

// Simulate an Opted out user
window.doNotTrack = '1'

// does nothing if "do not track" on

// does nothing if "do not track" on

// does nothing if "do not track" on

  The above `page`, `track`, & `identify` calls noOp.
  Hooray 🎉 privacy protected!

  You can verify this in the networks tab or if you turn on analytics debug mode.
  More on debug mode here:

See the analytics demo & docs for more details.

Hope this helps! Leave a comment below if you have any questions.