Navigate Github project files & dependencies faster with Octolinker

Reading source code on github is probably 30% of every developer’s job. (that’s science)

On a daily basis you will find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

Scenario A: You find yourself looking at a project and you encounter a package import that your not sure what it’s doing. So you go ahead and google it. Time wasted.

Scenario B: You find yourself looking at a project and see a file being imported from a relative path ./folder/utils/blah and you want to know what it is doing. So you click around in the project or search to try and navigate to that file. Time wasted.

Both of these scenarios take away precious seconds of coding time out of your day.

How will ever finish the “uber for sentient robots” app you’ve been working on?

Let’s speed up these common github tasks in 2 steps:

  1. Install Octolinker for chrome
  2. Success & much fame

See for yourself

Huge time saver! I love this chrome extension and I think you will too.