SEO tip: How to increase inbound links + traffic with guest posting

One of the best ways to grow inbound links to the core service and product pages on your website is by creating an AMAZING product that everyone loves & will naturally link to and share. Aside from this… contributing guest posts to other sites can be a sure fire way to increase inbound links & traffic.

This is not a secret.

So why is it one of the most overlooked pieces by business owners, who are baffled by their low rankings in Google?

The reason is typical because guest posting is a time-consuming process and sometimes downright impossible to find credible websites to worth contributing content to.

But don’t worry I have you covered.

Fool-Proof Way to Find Sites to Contribute Guest Content

Here is a sure-fire way to find blogs in your industry that are looking for guest content:

  1. Click this link -> inpostauthor:”guest author” keyword
  2. Replace “keyword” with your industry keyword

What you have just accomplished is a simple advanced (oxymoron’s anyone?) search query in google that is looking for blogs relating to the keyword you attached that have been authored by a “guest author”.

Ergo, you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the site accepts guest content on their blog.

Before Contributing Check These 4 Things

1. The page rank of the site

If the homepage of the site your find is unranked or has page rank of 0, it’s most likely a spam blog and contributing your original content to the site would be a waste of your time and money. Check the Pagerank with any of these.

If the site won’t allow you to insert a link in the body or in the author bio of your content, don’t give them the goods (the content).

Check other guest posts to see is the links are followed and not rel=“nofollow” links that provide no seo value to you. I use the quirk search status plugin to highlight nofollow links.

4. Is the site covered in ads or does it look downright shady?

Do a gut check of the site, if it looks like a bad neighborhood and is jam-packed with AdSense and other garbage, move on.

Once you do the gut check and the site passes. Go ahead and reach out to the site owner and get those links!