Giving 100%

It’s been said over and over again to give 100% in everything that you do.

I’m not sure I entirely agree. After all, 100% implies a finite resource.


If you are truly giving 100% in everything that you do, you are going to be completely exhausted.

Instead, I think to be great at something, sometimes secondary matters require a lesser degree of attention and effort.

For example, lets say you are a world class chef. You are a master at crafting delicious meals and can wow anyone’s taste buds. You give this 100% because its your passion and people recognize you for that.

One day, you decide to go into business for yourself. Now instead of giving your passion 100%, your attentions are spread around also operating the business. You have administrative tasks, marketing concerns, accounting, the list goes on.

Now instead of focusing 100% on being the best chef in the world, you know find yourself becoming a mediocre chef and a sub par business person.

You are spread too thin and your core suffers.

Pick what truly matters and give that 100%.

Outsource the rest.