Don't fix things that aren't broken

It’s insane to observe the frequency in which things that work just fine get “fixed” with no outstanding tangible benefits.

In software it happens quite often.

  • Updating dependancies because a bot tells you to…
  • Refactoring a feature that worked, just because…
  • Adding pedantic linting & formatting rules that “break” existing code & CI pipelines…
  • Switching age old defaults based on political opinions…
  • etc.

Resist all of urges to “fix” things that work and instead focus on things that don’t.

By all means, pay down tech debt when you can but make sure it’s tangible debt that will make a real world impact.

Avoid procrastinatory “work” and drive towards things that move the needle.

And remember:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Your future self, colleagues, & employers will thank you.