Convert Web Traffic with the WordPress Calls to Action Plugin

We, Inbound Now are excited and proud to announce our latest free WordPress Plugin: WordPress Calls to Action to help you do just that.

The WordPress calls to action plugin gives you the ability to create visually appealing calls to action for your site while monitoring and improve conversion rates. You can run A/B split tests to continually improve results over time and convert more traffic.

Creating visually appealing conversion points on your website is a critical conversion component for lead generation and business growth.

Video demonstration of the WordPress CTA Plugin

The calls to action plugin was specifically designed with inbound marketing best practices in mind and will help you drive & convert more leads on your site.

Calls to action are an ideal way to convert more of your passive website visitors into active business leads, customers or email list subscribers.

What does the plugin do?

  • Create beautiful calls to action on your WordPress site.
  • Visual Editor to view changes being made on the fly!
  • Track conversion rates on your calls to action for continual optimization.
  • Easily clone existing calls to action and run A/B Split tests on variations.
  • Gather lead intelligence and track lead activity with WordPress Leads
  • Easily implement your own custom call to action design or use our library of custom call to action designs.


Developers & Designers

We built the calls to action plugin as a framework! Need A/B testing out of the box implemented for your existing designs?

Use WordPress Calls to Action to quickly spin up new calls to action that have all the functionality your clients will need.

You can quickly take your existing designs and implement them using our templating framework & install the plugin

Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions over on the forums!