12 Search Engine Friendly Blog Headline Formulas

One of the deadliest mistakes a business blog can make is creating boring, non-keyword friendly blog post titles. (Spelling mistakes happen as well cough cough post title)

I wrote this post to illustrate how you can apply great headlines to get more visitors into your posts from social media and search.

Let’s apply an offline lesson to the world of online marketing.

Imagine yourself waiting in line at the grocery store. What do you see?


Tons and Tons of sensational headlines that pique your interest (regardless of how true they are).

Headlines like:

  • “Obama is an Alien”
  • “Justin Bieber proposes to Hannah Montana”
  • “27 ways to drive them crazy in Bed”
  • “The Best Way to Avoid Scams”

Why do magazines use such outrageous headlines?

Because they work. They pique the interest of those people waiting in line to pick up the magazine and give it a look.

You can do the same with your headlines on your blog.

Okay, okay… You don’t have to be as cheesy as magazine headlines but the same idea applies.

Great headlines can trigger interest in those people scanning down their twitter feed and get them clicking through into your stuff.

Below are 12 headlines that extremely effective at piquing the interest people skimming their twitter feed. As an added SEO bonus they are also designed to be keyword-friendly.

Disclaimer: One thing that you don’t want to do is over promise and under deliver. The blog who cried wolf will not see many return visitors.

If you are writing a post about the 6 best bacon dishes to eat in one day, you better have the 6 best bacon dishes in that post.

Here are some of the headline formulas:

1. ‘Do You Make These Common [Keyword] Mistakes?’

Example: Do you make these common On-Page SEO Mistakes?

2. ‘The Best Kind of [Keyword]’

Example: The Best Kind of Legal Protection Agreement for your Small Business.

3. ‘Advantages to Hiring the Best [Keyword]’

Example: Advantages to Hiring the Best Reroofing Contractor

4. ‘A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best [Keyword] Company’

  • A few quick tips on finding the best small business legal aid company

5. ‘Is [Keyword] For You?’

Example: Is Automated Billing Software for you?

6. ‘The [Number] Benefits of [Keyword]’

Example:  The 8 Benefits of Promoting Your Business on Facebook

7. ‘How To Solve Your [Keyword] Problems With [Solution Keyword]’

Example: How to Solve Your Low Lead Flow Problem Once and for all with Content Offers.

8. ’[Number] Steps to a Successful [Keyword]’

Example: 5 Steps to a Successful Search Engine Optimization Strategy

9. ‘Are You [blank]?’

Example: Are You Losing Organic Web Traffic?

10. ’[Number] Ways to [blank].’

Example: 8 Ways to Find the best price on your next construction project.

11. ’[Number] quick solution (or way) to [something]’

Example: 8 Quick Solutions to make Facebook a Viable Marketing Channel for your Company

12. ’[Number] Reasons [Keyword] is Better Than [Alternate Keyword]’

Example: 5 Reasons hiring in house SEO employees is better than our-sourcing to India.

But why blog at all?

Please see the below equation

increase organic traffic by blogging infographic

Simple as that.

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