Batch Edit Categories & Tags for specific posts in WordPress

I just imported a blog with 400+ posts from Tumblr to WordPress and needed a way to bulk tag and bulk manage the categories of the imported posts. Everything is lumped into ‘uncategorized’ so I needed a way to select specific posts at the same time and bulk categorize them All plugins publicly avialable on the WordPress repo don’t let you select specific posts to bulk manage. I found a plugin a while back that was great for this, unfortunately, its gone. This plugin: Batch Categories no longer exists from the original author or in the WordPress Repo. But today is your lucky day! I found it in an old folder. Download it here.

Heres how it works:

Go to bulk edit screen


Select which posts to bulk categorize/tag


Select all the posts that you want to edit


Choose the Action

wpid4955-Choose_the_Action.png You can add or remove the selected posts from the category you select. Or change the tags associated with all the posts selected

All Done. Easy as that!