See for Yourself: Angular, React, & Ember Visible Render Speeds Compared

Preface: This isn't anywhere near conclusive evidence. Please test and play with the different frameworks (libs) yourself to see for yourself.
While evaluating different front-end Javascript frameworks/libraries, I came across some talks and demos that I found rather interesting. Particularly when it came to speed comparisons.
Note: Angular and React are vastly different frameworks (react calls itself a library) and comparing them straight up is comparing apples to oranges. Same goes for ember and react
That said, I use and love React. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with any of the frameworks mentioned. AKA HackerNews please don't kill me.

Watch the videos below and take away from them what you will.

Let me know if you have any other links/resources for comparisons in the comments below.

Angular 1 vs. Ember vs. React visible render speed

This is Ryan florence demoing three identical apps written in angular, ember, and react

Angular 2 vs. React visible render speed

This is a demo of render speed of angular 2 vs. react

Props to Ryan Florence and Dave Smith for the killer conference talks. Keep on rocking it!