Duplicate and Merge Posts

Duplicate and Merge Posts

Contributors: David Wells

Client: Exygy, Intuit

Date: 2014

Demo Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-and-merge-posts/

Tags: PHP, WordPress, Plugin

This was a WordPress plugin that was requested by Intuit.

They needed to give the ability to duplicate existing WordPress posts and allow users to edit them without disrupting the original content.

Once the duplicated post was ready, they have a submission process that allows administrators to merge the post back into the original document.

This was a fun project to work and and drastically increased the speed of creating new wordpress content. Should be merged into WP core in my opinion =)

Duplicate and edit the existing post

Duplicate from the admin bar

Merge Options

Submit updated copy for review, Merge back to the original Post, View Side by side differences, or save as a new post altogether

View Side by Side differences