Creating a scalable, secure, offline-first website with React & Serverless

React is surging in popularity as a modern build tool. David Wells explores how to use React, markdown, service workers, CDNs, and serverless computing to build sites, blogs, docs, and SaaS products using the same code base. Join in to find out why “static” websites aren’t so static anymore and how they can deliver a state-of-the-art user experience using progressive web app techniques.

Event Details

David explains how service workers and static site rendering via React can achieve a lightning-fast site user experience and provide an offline-first experience (aka progressive web application), how your React codebase can be used for both application development and other frontend web projects (including marketing sites and company blogs), and how to leverage React,, and AWS Lambda for a cost-effective, infinitely scalable marketing site, blog, or web app (or all three together) without worrying about servers, load balancers, or large monthly hosting bills.

Topics include:

  • Service workers for offline access and faster page loads
  • Statically rendered pages via React at build time
  • CDN static site delivery via an automated CI/CD system
  • Using React Router and Redux for a smooth single-page application
  • Improved performance via code splitting and optimistic loading between page transitions
  • Offloading server-side logic to serverless functions and third-party services to scale automatically based on demand