Set visible text color based on a dynamic background color

This will test the contrast of the background color to determine what text color to use.

This is handy for changing text colors for stuff with dynamic background colors so the text will always be readable.

Example: if the background is black, make the text light so it’s visible.

Example2: if the background is white, make the text dark so it’s visible.

var contrast = require('contrast')
// set correct text color based on background color
function setVisibleTextColor(bgColor) {
  var textColor = '#000' // default
  if (contrast(bgColor) === 'light') {
    textColor = '#000' // make text color black so it's visible on light BG
  } else if (contrast(bgColor) === 'dark') {
    textColor = '#fff' // make text color white so it's visible on dark BG
  return textColor

var textColor = setVisibleTextColor('#333') // it's dark, text color will be #fff