Check if any key exists in javascript object

This snippet will check an object against an array of strings and return true if one of the keys (strings) is found.

A.k.a. Does this object have one of these keys?

If a match is found, it will return early because we are using .some array method. This makes .some superior for lookup vs .reduce or other array methods that will loop the entire array.

/* Find the keys! */
const anyKeyExists = (object, keys) => {
  return Object.keys(object).some((key) => {
    return keys.includes(key))

const keys = ['track', 'page', 'identify']
const object = {
  hello: 'there',
  track: 'exists'

if (anyKeyExists(object, keys) {
  /* One of the keys exists. Do stuff */

const findOneOfThese = ['lol', 'hi', 'wow']
const secondObject = {
  hello: 'there',
  cool: true,
  haha: 'wowza'

anyKeyExists(secondObject, findOneOfThese)
// false

This is useful for verifying objects contain at least one required key.

It came in handy in my analytics library to detect plugins being passed into the library.

Hope this helps ya! 🎉

Also, it can be a one liner… but I prefer return’s… call me old fashioned.

const anyKeyExists = (object, keys) => Object.keys(object).some((key) => keys.includes(key))

^ just not as easy to parse IMO.