David Wells

hello@davidwells.io (415) 997-8321 San Francisco CA

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TL;DR – Marketing nerd turned full stack developer & entrepreneur.

I'm currently working with Netlify, as a technical product manager, where I help bring to life new software to help developers streamline their workflows & build more awesome.

Before Netlify, I was a full stack developer at Serverless Inc in San Francisco.

Previously, I worked at Mulesoft as the lead developer on UI/UX team. Before that, I founded Inbound Now, where we made open source inbound marketing software.

Before slinging code, I was a marketing consultant working at HubSpot. I've helped hundreds of companies optimize site conversions and inbound lead generation.

Today, I focus on serverless architectures, user experience, and product development.

Where I have Thrived

  • Netlify Technical Product Manager ( - )

  • Serverless Inc. Senior Software Engineer ( - )

    • Built and deployed several serverless applications on AWS.
    • Developed serverless.com.
    • Built design system & UI component library.
    • Built the serverless desktop application.
    • Onboarded a variety of serverless compute providers to the serverless framework.
    • Managed developer relations with the serverless community.
    • Instrumented user analytics and retention campaigns across products.
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  • Mulesoft Software Engineer ( - )

    • Introduced UX design system & UI component library to create cohesive platform experience.
    • Worked across 8 different product teams to deliver UI requirements in collaboration with UX.
    • Revamped legacy angular 1 stack across product base to use React.
    • Focused on UI/UX tooling to facilitate a faster development product cycle.
  • Exygy Software developer ( - )

    • Managed client relations and delivered custom software solutions.
    • Build custom Wordpress site builds
    • Build custom Wordpress plugins for clients
  • Inbound Now Founder and CEO ( - )

    As a small company, I wore many many hats on a daily basis. From design to product development, all the way through go-to market. You name it, I was doing it.

    • Grew user base to 39,000+ active sites.
    • Designed all products and web properties.
    • Grew inbound leads through inbound marketing.
    • Handled customer support.
  • HubSpot Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant ( - )

    • Consulted with numerous companies on growing traffic & inbound lead flow.
    • Taught HubSpot Clients how to implement inbound marketing best practices.
    • Onboarded new Hubspot customers onto the Platform.
    • Hosted a video podcast.