The Top 12 Nonprofit Blogs you should be reading

There are a lot of blogs out there that deal with social media and digital marketing. It is hard to figure out who to listen to and who is the real authority on the subject.

We, here at Socialize Your Cause, have compiled a list of our favorite non-profit and social media blogs that you should be keeping tabs on if you are serious about using social media to further your cause.

The blogs listed below are in no particular order. They are all amazing sites that help us out on a daily basis for what we do here at Socialize Your Cause, and we felt like sharing them with the world would be good karma! We also hope that the list will only further the education needed for non-profit organizations dabbling in these new digital and social marketing mediums.

We have added these blogs into an OPML file for you to download and easily import into your Google Reader to keep up to date with their latest posts.

Instructions on how to import these blogs into your Google Reader are below.

1. Jocelyn Harmon's


2. Katya Andresen's


3. Care2's


4. Kivi Leroux Miller's


5. Nonprofit Technology Network -


6. Lucy Bernholtz's


7. Geoff Livingston's of ZOETICA


9. Allison Fine’s Blog


10.Beth Kanter’s Blog


11. Social Impact


12.Social Citizens


How to import this OPML file into your Google Reader

1. Download the OPML file.

2. Login to your Google Reader Account

3. Click on Setting in the top right hand corner and then Reader Settings


4. Click on Import/Export


5. Import the OMPL File and upload! That’s it


Please let us know if you know another great blog or resource to add to the list in the comments below!