SEO Keyword Research Tips: How to Choose Phrases Directly from Google

Keyword research can be a time consuming process if you let it.

What most people don’t know is that Google does a majority of your keyword research for you.

All day, every day, googles most valuable asset (their users) is feeding the keyword machine and strengthening their algorithm.

Nom nom nom. Google likes data.

Let me explain:

Go to Google, Type Something, and Wait

If you go into Google and type out the beginning of a common keyword phrase, add a letter of the alphabet and google will show you the light.

What you see in the screenshot above is the most commonly searched for keyword phrases around the keyword “Keyword Research” + the letter t.

So what I can assume from these autosuggested results is that tons of people are searching for those phrases.

If a ton of people are searching those phrases, this typically means it’s a keyword worth optimizing a page on your site for.

Make sense yet? Good!

Now I will show you how to expedite this process x 1000. Read on.

Google Autosuggest on Steriods + Tiger Adreline + Crack

Head to

UberSuggest is an amazing site that will give you the autocomplete results from the entire alphabet (and then some)

Instead of spending your entire day typing letters variations into Google.

Ubersuggest will do all of the heavy lifting for you and make you look super cool to your marketing friends.

Step 1 - Enter Your Query

Enter your main search query into the search box on and go.

Step 2 - Drool at the Keyword goodness

OMG! So many keywords and so little time to create pages/blog posts for all of them!

Step 3 - Add Keywords to a list

Add relevant keywords you want to target onto a list and export that from uber suggest.

You can then put them through any other keyword tool you use if you want to vet them further.


Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when doing keyword research.

Locking yourself in a room with a couple of colleagues and brainstorming different keyword ideas is a great way to waste everyones time and your Boss’s (or your) money.

Grab a huge list of keyword’s that you KNOW people are searching for and then expand out from there.

Happy Blogging!