Internet You vs. Actual You

How well does the Internet representation match your actual personalty?

I think we all play a different persona online. This is perpetuated by the proliferation of social networks and the ubiquitous nature of decent cameras in our mobile devices.

You can record events with the click of a button and share that “memory” in an instant with people you don’t necessarily speak to anymore.

I think chronicling your life is awesome, if its for the right reasons. For you.

The other type of person sharing their life online via a multitude of smiling photos with friends, poses in front of exotic landmarks, and geotagged checkins to their every move aren’t doing it for themselves or even the sheer experience.

They want external validation. A like, a comment, an “I wish I were there” remark from an online onlooker.

Don’t be one of these people.

Instead, do things for you and for the thrill of it.

Match the happy Internet version of yourself to your actual self.