How To: Incorporate Audio into your Social Media Mix

Plain text is so 2007. Isn’t it time you mixed up your content a little bit?

Sending out droves and droves of plain text updates can turn off your audience, instead think about incorporating rich media into your content strategy.

Be it video, photos, or audio, try and spice up the content you are putting out. Not only to appeal to multiple senses of your audience but also to cater to different lifestyles. People may want to consume your content on the go, while working out, gardening, driving, & other mobile activities. Audio is a perfect way to reach these people !

Creating audio clips and maintaining a podcast could not be easier in this day and age. Below are two services to consider using to help spread your words (as audio).

1. is a free service that allows you to record, upload or email audio to be distributed to your twitter accounts.

The audio can be fed into different RSS readers, subscribed to, and turned into a podcast in apple iTunes.

To send updates via your phone or schedule them with our Social Media Marketing Platform Converse. You have to grab your custom email address which you can find here:


2. is, by far, our favorite way to share audio with our different social media outlets. Within Audioboo you can record or upload audio to be posted to your twitter account, facebook wall, facebook fan page, Posterous account, friendfeed, and tumblr account at the same time!

You can also easily turn these audio posts into a podcast within Itunes with minimal effort.

If your site is built on wordpress you can easily add in the audioboo plugin to add your lastest audio blurb to your sidebar. (As seen in our sidebar) You can also embed the audio clip into blog posts and web pages, as seen above! =)


Here is an example of an audio post to the Socialize Your Cause fan page:


We like to use Converse, our free social media marketing tool, to schedule out audio content to post to our audioboo account when we want. This lets us make a tons of content all at once and schedule the message to post during peak twitter and facebook traffic times.

You can do this by scheduling an email to your custom email address and by attaching an audio file to the message.


So, what does your organization sound like?