How to Seed & Build Facebook Fans for Your Facebook Business Page

Growing a Facebook community can be tough. It’s a long grueling process that takes time, effort, and elbow grease.

Most people throw in the towel after months of effort with no reward.

I’ve grown a number of facebook fan pages and I’m going to give you a quick tip to get the ball rolling.

Necessary Ingredients

To quickly seed fan page growth you will need the following:
  1. Firefox
  2. The Greasemonkey extension for Firefox
  3. Friends, coworkers, and family. (You have some combination of these hopefully.)

Step 1 - Install Greasemonkey for Firefox

Install the firefox extension greasemonkey.

Greasemonkey is an awesome tool that allows you to add functionality to popular websites via user contributed javascript snippets. In laymans terms, it makes the internet better.

I’d recommend researching a script before installing it, due to possible security issues.

The Facebook: InviteThemAll script works like a charm, I’ve tested and used it hundreds of times.

Step 2 - Install Facebook Invite Them All

The greasemonkey script we will be using is called Facebook: InviteThemAll and it does exactly what it says. Helps you invite all of your friends to like your fan page quickly and easily.

Instead of spending hours (not really but like 10+minutes) clicking every single check box, you can use greasemonkey + the facebook invite them all script to do it for you in 10 seconds.

This is helpful for sanity’s sake and to actually get your coworkers to invite their networks as well.

Step 3 - Invite Your Companies Collective Network

After you have installed greasemonkey and the Facebook Invite them all script in Firefox, Navigate to your facebook fan page and click on Invite Friends.

a. Select Your Entire Network

Hit the recent interactions dropdown menu and select “search all friends”

This will allow you to see your entire network

b. Use the added greasemonkey functionality to select all friends with one click

You will also notice the new select from friends option underneath the search box, this is what greasemonkey and the script has dynamically added into the page.

Click select on the new select all bar, wait for it to do it’s magic. It might take 30 seconds or so and it might also ask you to disable the running

c. If asked, continue the script.

Click continue and let the script finish

d. Click Submit and Invite your Network to join the conversation on your fan page

Submit and invite your network to like your Facebook Fan Page. Boom. Done.

Now that you have quickly invited your network to become a fan of your page, there is no reason to stop here. Pick up your laptop and walk around the office and ask your fellow coworkers to help by having them login quickly and repeating the process.

Most people will be glad to promote the company they work for through to their network. Those who refuse… fire them immediately (just kidding)

Just clearly explain to your coworkers that you are trying to jump start the growth on the facebook fan page in order to help drive more traffic into the site.