How To Quickly Find Sites to Guest Post on with Advanced Search Queries

Advanced search queries are your friend. Most people don’t know they exist and this is a travesty. If you are serious about winning at the internet you need to Learn about them.

Once you get a grasp of some advanced queries and are able to traverse Google searches with the swiftness of Jeremy Lin, you will be able to do some advanced SEO and internet marketing research that will blow your mind.

A recent advanced query I found while looking for places to contribute guest posts (aka grow inbound linkage & authority) is:

In a nutshell this query is a quick and easy way to help you find guest blog posts. Replace keyword with an industry specific keyword that works for you.

Why would you want to guest blog? Well it’s one of the best ways to Grow Inbound Links into your site and inbound links are the gold of the internet.

Finding Guest Posting Opportunities with inpostauthor:"guest author" keyword

Here is a quick example of me looking for sites to contribute content to that are focused on “Marketing”.

Rinse and repeat this method with whatever your industries main keywords are.

You might need to use broader terms if there is no blogs focused on Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis prevention.

Don't Waste the Moment - Optimize Your Links in Guest Posts

When you are spending your valuable time contributing guest content to another site, DO NOT squander the opportunity to get a keyword specific anchor text link back into your site.

In the above example, Ann Smarty (a super smart SEO that I follow closely and you should too), is contributing a post on and in her author bio the anchor text back into her site is ”SEO Consultant”. This is exactly how you would want it.

Good: SEO Consultant Bad:

Techincally both links count in terms of SEO authority passing into her domain but the keyword specific link helps send google a clear message that this page behind the link is associated with the keyword “SEO Consultant” and perhaps we should weight her site higher than others for this particular keyword.

There you have it! Go Google like a Pro.

For more handy SEO Search Queries check out: 10000 Search Engine Queries for your Link Building Campaign and my post on other queries I frequently use  to Grow Inbound Links via Guest Blogging Opportunities

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