Future JavaScript: How React, Angular 2, and Library XYZ can live together in harmony

The world of JavaScript is insanely vast.

The NPM (package manager for JavaScript) is the largest code repository in the world.

There are just about 1 bajllion frameworks & libraries to solve X, Y or Z.

It’s rad that we have these options, but the paradox of choice is real.

This sheer amount of choice can be a huge problem for developers trying to figure out the best solution/stack for their application.

What if I choose the wrong framework? - asked every good developer ever
Guess what! It looks like the paradox of choice is not a big as an issue as you would think thanks to some new ES6 magic (here today thanks to babel.js)

The video below demonstrates how you can combine the best of all worlds and not have 100% lock in to a particular framework.

Merrick Christensen demos how React, Angular 2, and a framework agnostic router can be ‘frankensteined’ together to create a polyglot architecture. Enough of my jibberjabber, watch the video:


Kudos to tyler for the heads up on the video:


Pretty exciting stuff!

I think a key take away for me was the bit at the end about not being locked into any one particular way of doing things. Mixing and mashing together the best of all world’s gives a ton of flexibility.

I’m not advocating this is the correct approach, but it was a very interesting spin on where JavaScript is heading.

Modularity for the wolf!