14 Amazing Photography Sites to Source Powerful Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Which is why we think having powerful images that back up your blog post concepts and ideas is a must. Great photography can really drive your messaging home and move people to action.

Finding really great images is hard though. So, we though we would share some of our favorite places we source images from.

With multiple team members, working on different computers, grabbing and sorting images, movies, and other multimedia can be a trying task. But, there are new tools (see: Zootool) available for free that allow you to easily bookmark, tag, store and share multimedia content. By using these tools and keeping good track on all sourced content, it will make it easier to give proper attribution when it’s time to use the content.

14 Places to find photos

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How to keep track of it all

Use Zootool. It’s a free social bookmarking tool that is relatively new to the social bookmarking scene. zoo_thumb

Zootool allows you grab images, video, documents and bookmark any webpage for later use.


Simply by clicking the bookmarklet while you are on the page with image it will allow you to categorize that image, tag it for later use, and share it through your social media profiles.

bookmark and tag images

Everything you bookmark is stored in your “Zoo” and you can easily search for images based off the tags and names that you have given them. You can share your Zootool account with your team members, so together you can collaboratively bookmark and start collecting some powerful images to further engage the people you are trying to reach.

My Zoo

How are you using images to further your Cause? Let us know in the comments below!
Oh! Check out our Cause of the Week Photographers for Charity. They are doing some truly amazing things with photography and nonprofit organizations.