1000+ WordPress Themes to Spruce Up Your NPO's Site!

Having a Blog is essential to any social media strategy. Your Blog is your home base, A place to call home. It is the the place you can tell your story, garner support, and grow your following and contact lists. It gives you the ability to showcase all of your stuff on the web in one place and gives you credibility.

wordpress icon full Wordpress ThemesBut which blogging platform is right for you? Blogger, tumblr, Vox, Posterous, Wordpress.com? Nay! It’s having a self hosted Wordpress site.

The self hosted Wordpress site trumps them all. Guess what this site is? Self Hosted Wordpress!, Good guess =)

Having a self hosting Wordpress site gives you the ability to customize the front in while giving you an extremely powerful and user friendly backend to add in your content. If you can write in a word document you can use a self hosted wordpress blog.

One cool thing about wordpress is that it gives you the ability to apply already existing themes to your site to give it an exetremly professional and polished look. We have taken the liberty of amassing a MASSIVE list of great looking wordpress themes for you to choose from:

And if you are willing to spend around 35$ for an uber professional looking theme head over to themeforest.

Our advice is to use this list to find a couple of themes that may work best for your site and go from their. Remember the colors, images, and logos on the themes are easily customizable and can be retrofitted to fit your brand. Try to look at the themes as the layout or backbone of how your site will look and feel.

Being the good natured folks that we are here at Socialize Your Cause, We will help you install you very own wordpress theme free of charge. Just drop us a line!

There are many advantages to using a self hosted wordpress site, and design is just one. A well designed professional looking website conveys trust in the minds of the people browsing your site. This trust is crucial to transforming them from a surfer into a supporter.