What is Tweepml, and what can it do for my cause?

Tweepml, is a great website that helps new Twitter users get connected with lists of Twitter users (Tweeps).

When you go to Tweepml, search for people under your cause,  you will likely find people who have similar interests and support similar issues. Reach out and connect with these people. Don’t be shy. Also, utilize search.twitter.com to find people talking about your cause.

Often if you follow someone, then they will follow you back. Or at the very least they will look at your page. This is another reason to make sure you have quality tweets, a great “bio” for your organization, and show people that you have lots of followers on Twitter.

People are more likely to follow you just because you have more than 100 followers. If you have less than 100 followers, it’s a lot more difficult to build up your follower list. Once you stay active and post often, then you will get more followers.

I will talk about other tips to get more followers in a different post.

Remember, Twitter is interactive. It’s not about getting a bunch of people to follow you, or following a bunch of people that you have nothing in common with.

It’s about connecting in real time with “Tweeps” just like yourself.

A while back we made a list of the top 25 most influencial nonprofit tweeters with TweepML.

You can automatically follow this list of the Top 25 Most influential Non-profit Tweeters by clicking on the blue button below or you can follow the twitter list.  Happy Tweeting =)

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