What are you doing for others?

On Monday January 17th, we honored Dr. Martin Luther King for his service to the civil rights movement. He not only brought justice for African Americans, but he also fought for equal rights for union workers. One of my favorite quotes from him says:

“Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

I try to use that as my daily motto. It also should be considered when you are evaluating what you can do for others. Sure, it’s not easy to start your own charity or non-profit business. But if you can’t do that, what about donating to a charity? If you already are involved with a non profit organization, ask yourself: “How can I help my organization grow?”

Our website has wonderful resources to show non profits how to promote yourselves online via social media- best of all social media is free to use. Make sure that you utilize every opportunity to network and showcase why people should donate or volunteer their time with your cause.

The opportunities are abundant. Despite these tough times, people always have love in their hearts and time on their hands. Even if they can’t donate monetarily to your cause, they can possibly volunteer.

Don’t leave your cause in the dust. Make sure you breathe life into it on a regular basis by promoting your blog posts, tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook. Other ways you can participate online is by commenting, or networking with other blogs and causes.

A great resource for finding lists of blogs is called Best of the Web. Then you can type in the subject area and find lists of similar blogs. Network with these other bloggers, and if they have a blogroll, then ask them if they can add your cause’s blog to it. Maybe they will ask you to post something on their blog too!

I would like to also end this post with another great quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, that will hopefully inspire you to speak out for your cause:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ”
Martin Luther King, Jr.