The Longest Climb – Climbing the Height of Everest for Charity

The Longest Climb, a past cause of the week,  has so far proved to be exactly that – a mountainous struggle, not only against fitness, but sponsorship, builders and many other factors that need not be gone into here! Originally set for June 2010, Tom Lancaster and Jonny Briggs’ Guiness World Record setting charity rockclimbing challenge will now be taking place at The British Leisure show ( in Windsor, March 11th -13th, 2011. Struck down by injury due to intense training, then postponed due to building works at The Westway Climbing Centre, a phone call out of the blue from The British Leisure show answered in an instant all the questions we had been asking ourselves, and gave us a much needed break from our intense schedule.

So here we are, exactly a year since the project began, and we have just re-started our training regime. From now until march, it’s all guns blazing in the run up to a world first: An attempt to climb the height of Mount Everest from sea level in one go on an indoor wall. So far we have raised over £1,500 for our three charities: Amnesty Inernational (, Heart UK ( Mountain Rescue England and wales ( We are immensely proud of this, however our target is £30,000. £10k for each of the three. £28,500 to go! We’re not doing this for fun, or for glory. We’re doing it to remember Tom’s friend and mentor, Rupert Rosedale, who was killed in an avalanche on Ben Nevis in Scotland last year, and to do some real good in the world. For us, the record is meaningless unless it means we can give a seriously worthwhile amount of money to these charities. I want to smash our target. I don’t see why we can’t raise £100,000. So please spread the word, donate what you can, and help us to do something amazing!

For more information about us, each of our charities and why we are supporting them, and most importantly, to donate, please go to our website, You can also follow @thelongestclimb on twitter, and look us up on facebook. We think we’re doing something incredible, we hope that you do too.

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