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We are proud to announce our latest addition to the Converse, the Social Media Marketing Platform, our very own bookmarklet!

If you aren’t familiar with what a bookmarklet is, its just a button that you can place in your bookmarks toolbar.

With the converse bookmarklet you will be able to share content to your various social media outlets with one easy click, without having to login to the dashboard.

Once the button is installed in your bookmark toolbar, click it and it will instantly pull up that webpage and a shortened bit.ly link for you to share with the services you have hooked  up within converse.

Follow the instructions below to start using the bookmarklet today!

How to install the Converse Bookmarklet

1. Login to Converse

Converse Bookmarklet2. Click on the bookmarklet button and drag it up to your bookmarks toolbar.

Drag and Drop the Bookmarklet

3. Edit the name of the name of the bookmarklet if you want to shorten it. (if you wish)


4. Click the button, use, and enjoy!

Video Tutorial

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Check it out today!