Sharing Content Made Easy with MobyPicture

Social media is all about sharing valuable content.

Using multimedia to tell the story of your organization or cause is extremely powerful  and something that your organization should be doing on a regular basis! There are numerous free platforms (Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter to name a few) out their that allow you to tell your organization’s incredible story to build trust, gain supporters, and keep people informed.

With so many places to share content, how will you find the time?

moby services supported MobyPicture is a service that makes sharing multimedia content a breeze. MobyPicture aggregates sharing to a number of social media outlets so you can post audio, pictures, or video, to multiple social media sites at once.

The fact that it aggregates sharing across multiple platforms, makes the service way more useful than some of the more popular services out their like twitpic, tweetphoto and yfrog. We found Mobypicture about 8 months ago and haven’t looked back since! We highly recommend using it to every organization we help.

Mathys van Abbe, founder and CEO, of MobyPicture gave us a quick interview on the platform and how the idea came about. We also talk about the next generation of realtime content aggregation, their newest platform MobyNow (a live example of the platform), his take aways from the Next Web conference in Amsterdam, and

Expert Interview Series with Mathys van Abbe – CEO of MobyPicture – Socialize Your Cause from Socialize Your Cause on Vimeo.

We recently integrated MobyPicture into our social media marketing platform, Converse! Which means you can implement MobyPicture into your social media campaigns and schedule out messages to be posted in the future.

We use this to schedule out photos and audio to go out through our Mobypicture account and to our facebook fan page!

Using MobyPicture with Converse

1. Add in your mobypicture account under the add/edit services tab

add-edit mobypicture account

2. Select the MobyPicuture account you would like to send from in the Messagebox

3. Attach a photo or audio clip

select the mobypicture account and attach photo

4. Click on subject or title and add in a subject line. This will be the tweet itself.

5. Add more information in the body on the message. Here you can add in additional links to drive traffic back to your website.

send now or schedule message for later

So what are you waiting for?
Start using Mobypicture and Converse today… They are free and will help you get more things done on the social web in far less time!