How to Schedule Facebook Birthday Wall Posts For your Supporters & Friends

Saying happy birthday on Facebook is a great way to touch base with your supporters, fans, and volunteers. It’s a no brainer!

Taking time out of each day to do it, however, can be a pain.

With our social media marketing tool, Converse. We give users the ability to schedule and post to your friend’s individual facebook walls or to a group of  contacts facebook walls at the same time. We also offer the option to send and schedule individual Linkedin messages to your contacts and to user specified groups! This is a popular feature for letting people stay in touch with their contacts and for marketing messages.

A couple of uses for scheduling out wall posts and Linkedin Messages

  • Reach out to your supporters to let them know of upcoming events
  • Send Customized Happy Birthday Messages to your customers or supporters
  • Group together supporters or volunteers and let them know of updates via a wall posts or LinkedIn Messages.
  • Send Thanks to supporters in a very quick and easy way.
Schedule and Send Birthday Messages to your Supporters

1. Import your Facebook and/or Linkedin Contacts by clicking on the add/edit services tab at the top right.

importing contacts

Authorize and Fetch Contacts

You can import your contacts into user specified groups if you wish. Import all of your volunteers into one group to easily send out group messages or wall posts to everyone at once.

Importing Facebook Friends

Once you have imported your Friends and Contacts you can view them in the Contacts Tab.

Viewing and filtering Contacts

Compose the Scheduled Wall Post or Linkedin Message

Or you can send Wall Posts or LinkedIn Messages Directly from the Messagebox. Select Social Network Message and begin typing the name of the person you want to send the message to.

Sending Social Media Message from Messagebox

The Result

A timely, relevant birthday wall post is posted on your supporters wall at the time you specify. You are then notified within your messagebox inbox if the person responds to your facebook wall post.

Facebook Wall Post

We offer then ability for organizations and business to rebrand the “via” messages in our platform as well. This will add a link to your website onto every tweet and facebook post that you send out via our social media marketing platform.

So, what are you waiting for?

Update: Now you can Set up an auto-responder to send these messages automatically before birthdays