Quick Start Guide to Using Converse – Social Media Marketing Platform

Update: Converse is dead. Please sign up at Sendible.com

We recently launched our free social media campaign management tool Converse for NPOs, individuals, and businesses. The system will allow organizations to get a better handle on their social media marketing and help alleviate a lot of time (money/manpower) constraints associated with getting into social media.

With Converse, you are able to schedule out social media messages, emails, and sms to your supporters and fans. This will enable you to take charge of the time you are spending in social media. With the ability to schedule out messages you will be able to hit the various services supported at peak usage times, making sure your message is being seen by the largest number of people possible.

With the majority of your “Marketing” and campaign messages being scheduled in advanced, you will have the ability to spend more time engaging with potential donors, supporters, and customers (Which is what social media is all about in the first place).

If you have not signed up for our free service, I strongly encourage you to do so, here.

Using Converse for your Social Media campaign management is very easy! This guide will help you get started in less than 5 minutes.

Quick Start Guide:

1. Adding in your Social Networks

2. Importing Contacts

3. Scheduling out messages

1. Adding in your social networks

Adding in your social media networks could not be easier! Login to the Converse Social Media Tool, if you are not yet utilizing this free tool, you can sign up today! Or take the tour to find out more

A. Enter username and password. Click Sign in.


B. Click on the Add/Edit Services Tab in the top right

click add edit services tab

C. Find the category of the Social Media network and simply click add to add in the desired social media service!

Click Add

2. Importing Contacts

A. To import facebook and linkedin contacts click on the social media messaging dropdown in the Add/Edit Services Tab

importing facebook, birghtkite, and linkedin contacts

B. to import your email contacts and mailing list, click “Email- Import Contacts” in the dropdown menu in the Add/Edit Services Tab

Import email contacts

3. Scheduling out messages

A. Go to the Message Box Tab, Scroll down the list and check the service you want to send to.

select the service

B. Type in your message and click “schedule”, specify the time and date of the message to be sent out, and click send.

easy as 1,2,3

That’s it! Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Converse is a naturally intuitive system and will allow you to schedule out messages and multimedia content to your various social media profiles in a snap!