Medico Helping Those in Need in Central America

MEDICO’s mission is to provide medical, eye and dental services to remote areas of Central America where there is little or no access to basic health care. They are doing some great things to help those in need in Central America and they are this weeks cause of the week!

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How did Medico start?

In 1990, along with three friends, David and Marian Flowers and Jim Durham, Norm and Lynda Peters founded MEDICO, an independent, non-faith-based organization. They expected the organization to be a small group that would take a few teams of volunteers to Central America every year. But the more they worked, the more they realized that there was great need for their services. They expanded MEDICO to include 6 – 8 medical brigades per year and an Adopt-a-Village model, working with officials in host communities to emphasize a holistic, sustainable approach, more education and more preventive care.

Why is this cause close to your heart?

Slightly more than half of Hondurans and 48 percent of Nicaraguans live in poverty and have very high risks for major infectious diseases, including bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and typhoid fever. MEDICO provides medical, eye and dental care to these people where they have little or no access to health care. I love that MEDICO also focuses on solving some of the core issues contributing to their health concerns such as water contamination and poor air quality in their homes. With officials in host communities, MEDICO works to improve water filtration, and building water tanks and latrines. They also help residents build stoves with proper ventilation — a response to asthma and other chronic and widespread respiratory problems doctors were treating. Through the efforts of MEDICO, an expectant mother receives prenatal care, a little girl can walk normally after club foot surgery, and a child obtains books and paper for classes. Since 1990, volunteers from all over the world have helped make this a reality for the people of Latin America.

Why should others support it?

medico2 MEDICO’s greatest strength is its volunteers. MEDICO achieves this mission through the participation of medical and non-medical volunteers serving in many different capacities. Participation includes field team response, warehouse volunteering, funding, administrative support and more. Dedicated trip participants give a week of their lives, sharing their skills with people who would not otherwise have access to health care. Volunteers at the MEDICO warehouse pack, organize, condense, and shelve shipments of supplies for each of the teams. Individuals and organizations donate necessary medicines and equipment.

MEDICO’s operating funds come entirely from tax-deductible donations. Contributions from individuals and organizations make it possible to purchase medicines and fund special projects.

Please join the MEDICO family and help make a difference today

Do you have any other events or fundraisers that you would like others to know about?

MEDICO is celebrating 20 years of service to Central America! This is a major benchmark with much cause to celebrate: 20 years of serving Honduras and Nicaragua, more than 125 mission trips, and serving over 175,000 people with thousands of donors and volunteers.

Help us celebrate 20 years with the best birthday gift you give us: You! Your time and contributions will allow MEDICO to continue to serve and grow into the next 20 years.

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What advice would you give to others that might like to take on such an amazing endeavor?

Find your passion…where do you want to make the biggest difference. Remember: “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this — you haven’t.” – Thomas A. Edison

How has social media helped your organization?

Social media has allowed our quite little organization to find a BIG voice.

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