Kids Can Make A Difference – Kids are Heroes

This weeks Cause of the Week, comes to you from Ijamsville, MD. Where Gabe O’Neill and his daughter, MaryMargaret run an organization called Kids Are Heroes.

kids are heroes Started back in 2008, Kids are Heroes, was setup to inspire children to become involved in the act of giving by learning from other kid heroes who are doing AMAZING things. They highlight kids who are doing inspiring things to help others in the hopes to show other children that they can, in fact, make a difference too!

We were lucky enough to grab a quick interview with Gabe to learn more about Kids are Heroes and how they have been successfully leveraging the power of social media to further their cause. Gabe was kind enough to share a ton of useful insights and we hope you enjoy the interview below.

Expert Interview Series with Gabe O’Neill – CoFounder of Kids are Heroes from Socialize Your Cause on Vimeo.

Gabe has some killer social media tips in his free ebook and also talks about how he grew his twitter following to a mere 23,000 people.

How I Got Over 22,000 Followers on Twitter

1) being active on Twitter
2) engaging and making connections
3) being listed on several Twitter directories
4) keeping things “authentic”
5) being passionate about the subject matter
6) effectively managing my following/follower

He goes on to describe the process in detail and the book is a must read for any nonprofit trying to grow their audience online.

Connect With Kids Are Heroes Online

Make sure you look out for Kids are Heroes online on their Twitter, their Facebook Fan Page, their Youtube Channel, and of course over on Gabe’s Blog “Just Gabe”.