How to send and schedule messages to all of your social profiles at once

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our free social media marketing platform, Converse.

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We built the tool to help manage the social media overload that everyone is attacked with these days.

Being able to schedule and post messages to multiple platforms at once can be a huge time saver and let you focus on more important social media tactics, like engaging with influencers and your constituents.

This is a quick guide on how to set up and start posting to multiple social media profiles (like your facebook fan page, linkedin, twitter, thelist goes on and on)

How to Schedule out posts to groups

Schedule out social media posts

1. Go to the “My Groups” tab.

My Groups

2. Click on “New Group”

3. Name your group something familiar and click on the star to have the grouping show up in your message box.Creating a group

4. Once the group is created, Select the group from the dropdown menu

select group

5. Then click on “Add contacts and services”, Select the desired social media accounts or contacts you would like to add to the group.

Type in the name of the social account as it is shown in the add/edit service tab under my services. If you are adding a facebook friend or Linkedin Contact search for them by name.

adding services to groups

6. You group is created!

You can now post to it using the bookmarklet, the message box, or by sending the message via email to the custom email address assigned to every group.

Post via the group or via the custom email address

If you have clicked the star when creating the group or in the right hand corner of the my groups tab, the group will appear in your Message Box and in your Bookmarklet.

After you have completed these simple steps you can start sending out and scheduling messages for the future! You can also use the groups to autopost your blogs RSS feed to a group of your choosing as well.

That’s for another tutorial though =)

Once you start scheduling posts make sure to check into your campaign calendar in the Messagebox so you can see what is going out when.

Message Calendar overview

Using Converse for your Social Media campaign management is very easy! This guide will help you get started in less than 5 minutes.

Sign Up for Free Today!  It takes seconds and will save you hours!