Getting your message across

It doesn’t have to be just emails, e-letters, txt, phone calls, appeal envelopes or social media. You have more ways to connect, and share your story with your community; it’s just that it can take more of your time.

There’s plenty of options, and yes opportunities for organisations to get out an about among their supporters; whether it’s speaking at business association function, or as a guest at a discussion in your local community; the opportunities are there.

What better way to show your organisation off; be able to explain what you do, and who/what you help than at an event where you have a captive audience. They’re there for a reason, they will know you are coming; and will be more receptive to your ‘message’ than they might otherwise be.

Sometimes it may take some imagination on your part to ‘find’ groups, organisations that you could approach to speak to.

What groups are in your area that you could approach? Here’s food for thought:

Schools, offer to speak at school meetings, not just to the students, but to the teachers and parents as well.

Business and service clubs; contact and arrange to speak at business and service clubs, these two groups are often interested in what is happening in their area. This would give you the potential opportunity to raise funds and awareness.

Retirement homes; visit your local retirement home and speak about what it is you do in the community. Not only will you give the residents something new to learn about, but you may connect with someone who is keen to support, either directly or through some association.

The ways in which you can connect with your community are limited only by your imagination and willingness to try new things.

What you can do:

  • Speak at local schools
  • Speak at business and service clubs
  • Speak at retirement homes


Don’t be deterred by the time involved, you need to invest time into making your organisation seen in ways others aren’t. Get out there and be the voice of your organisation.