Fund Raise Online – Helping Raise Funds in a Fun Way!

This weeks Cause of the Week is FundraiseOnline is a New Zealand based donation matchmaking web based service.

FundraiseOnline’s mission is to connect athletes, events, not-for-profit organizations – charities, schools, clubs, churches and any other not-for-profit organization –their donors, members and supporters in a simple, secure and FUN way.

They’ve been providing internet based fund-raising solutions to charities and corporate customers around the world since early 2005. Over that time, they’ve enabled charities and registered not-for-profit organizations to reach a wider, global network, based around people who through their own endeavors want to make a difference in a very real way.

They also continue to develop and support a number of global organizations in their Corporate Social Responsibility programs, as well as providing custom-built solutions for special causes and appeals.
They are the New Zealand leader in developing and deploying web based solutions to the not-for-profit sector, providing the safest, most secure and effective tools available, helping their customers to secure the most cost effective funds possible.

How does FundraiseOnline work?

FundraiseOnline operates a low cost, low administration model, supported by one of the most technically advanced and secure solution engines available. Through the flexibility built in to their model, they are able to support:

  • Small, medium and large charities and not for profit organizations
  • Schools and clubs, small medium and large
  • One off campaigns for charities or corporates
  • Single donations or regular payments and giving
  • Events requiring ticket sales
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programmes of any size, anywhere in the world

Given the breadth of their existing service offering, they’re able to offer complete solutions, depending upon size, in a matter of hours for smaller organisations, through to less than four weeks for a completely custom-built, end-to-end solution with the unique branding and messages for larger charities and corporates. They also have options between both of these to suit a wide range of charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations.

There is a small fee for the services FundraiseOnline provides, and this is similar to a credit card merchant fee and covers:

  • The hosting and maintenance of your supporters websites, no matter how many are developed
  • The collection and processing of your donations and payments
  • The automated tax receipting of individual donations
  • The individual thanking of donors
  • Retention of those funds in a trust account
  • Settlement of net accumulated transactions to a nominated bank account
  • The provision of detailed reports including full disclosure of donor details to charities in a format that is easy to upload to your database
  • The donation notification processes to the fundraiser
  • 24/7/365 help to FundraiseOnline users

FundraiseOnline supports hundreds of not-for-profit organisations around New Zealand and internationally, and their low fees and significant value for their customers.

After nearly 6 years of working alongside community groups, charities, schools and those helping in the community more than NZD $12.3million has been raised and distributed through FundraiseOnline.

Some of these charities include UNICEF New Zealand; KidsCan Charitable Trust, Oxfam New Zealand and the Heart Foundation.

For more about FundraiseOnline and how your organisation could possibly benefit from what they provide, or how you can locate and support groups in the community,  Visit their main site.