For the price of a Coffee You Could Make a Difference

clip_image002People are still slowing down their giving to charity even though the tough times are starting to ease. It would seem that even the price of a coffee wasn’t being given by many of the usual smaller contributors; so a thought comes to mind of what would the outcome could be if people were to give up one coffee a week for charity – just how much would have been after one year?

Why coffee?

It’s really only used for symbolism, but in fact some people think about purchases by how many coffees or beers it is ‘worth’, how many they’d have to forgo to make the purchase. Think of it this way, if something costs $100.00, it’s about 27 coffees, or 12.5 Heinekens (based on New Zealand prices). So why not look at charity giving in the same way.

A poll of 80 people, with responses from 62, showed that they (the 62) consumed on average 6 coffees a week at cafes, restaurants or other establishments, a combined spend of about $1,372. , I thought lets see what could be done if we gave a coffee a week to charity.

Based on NZ coffee prices; where a flat white sells for about $3.50; the average coffee consumed was worked out at being $3.70. Given this, if we gave up one coffee, or donated the equivalent to one coffee a week we each would be able to donate $185 each year to charity.

Weekly contributions to charity could look something like this:

Participants Coffee Price Total Cost
1 3.70 3.70
62 3.70 229.40
620 3.70 2,294.00
1,000 3.70 3,700.00
10,000 3.70 37,000.00

Annual contributions to charity could look something like this:

Participants Coffee Price Charity Contribution
1 185 185.00
62 185 11,470.00
620 185 114,700.00
1,000 185 185,000.00
10,000 185 1,850,000.00

Imagine if this was matched dollar for dollar by a coffee house! (hint hint StarBucks)

Perhaps a coffee-a-thon could be held, with all funds going to one cause. The scope of using coffee as a funding source is potentially huge; all it would take is for an enterprising cause and a community minded, philanthropic coffee house to come to also see the merits and get on board.

Maybe coffee could be substituted for petrol, bread; essentially any FMCG could be used. The opportunities are endless and only limited by imagination.