Don't be afraid of the blue bird

On our Facebook page we posted a question to our fans asking if they liked Twitter or Facebook better. It wasn’t a surprise that most people using Facebook found that they used it more than Twitter. But why do Facebook users have a hard time using Twitter?

If you have a non profit organization, you should definitely make sure that you are using all of the available free resources out there to market your non profit organization. Just think of Twitter and Facebook as free advertising. Some people may think that Twitter is different because it’s more public, and people can see your profile easier. But that is what is great about it.

Twitter even has tutorials now, so you can learn how to use it right from their home page. It’s a great way to interact quickly and spread the word about fundraising activities, or even special events. You can post links, and they can spread to many users that you wouldn’t have connections with otherwise using a different type of social medium.

Here are some quick tips on getting started with Twitter.

1) Go to and setup your “Twitter Handle” this is going to be  your username, and it’s also going to become your new profile website. (ex:

2) Find people to follow. Search through Twitter, using the people search, topic search etc. You would be surprised to see how many people and businesses are on there.

3) Setup your Twitter account to sync with your mobile phone. So you can tweet from your phone. This is great for posting a quick note, and keeping in touch with your followers. You can just text to 40404 from your phone which is the number code for Twitter. You don’t need to even have a data plan on your phone. The only down side is you have to log on to see what people respond to you on or another medium.

4) Check out our application for putting Facebook and Twitter all on one platform, it’s called Converse. This will enable you to have everything on the same program. For more info, and to get started visit our page here best of all it’s free.

5) Make sure you post at least a few times a week, if not at least once a day. This will help to build up your followers and interactions. You can schedule your tweets to post ahead of time with Converse.

6) Use the hashtag symbol as much as possible. The # symbol allows people to search under a specific topic. So for the topic of cancer, they would put a hashtag that looked like this #cancer. There are so many ways to sort them, but what is really neat about it, is that these # symbols will come in on Twitter feeds and post on other people’s websites, if they have installed that feature on their website. So it’s a great way to get your post on other people’s websites. For an example of what I’m talking about click here.

7) You can do a query and post it to your website. Sometimes it will show a lot of info, like if you use a very general one like “Seattle” or “Dallas” or a big city, or other times it won’t show much. But what is wonderful about it, is that it’s customizable and you can change it as often as you want.

Most of all, have fun with Twitter. Use the @reply feature to interact with other Tweeps (that’s what people that use Twitter are called Twitter + Peeps = Tweeps) and have fun with it. You would be amazed how many fun people are on Twitter that you just can’t find on Facebook.