Cause of the Week v2 – One More Generation

This is a guest post from a past cause of the week, One More Generation – Helping Endangered Species Survive and Thrive


It’s Official, Carter and Olivia have been chosen as finalists in the Oceana “Oceans Hero” Award (CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE).  We are so excited and honored.  There were apparently hundreds of nominations from all over the country and the judges picked 6 adults and 6-kids as their finalists.

Many of you had submitted your nominations on behalf of Carter and Olivia and we are very grateful for all the support.  Now it’s time to rally all our supporters and ask that everyone consider casting their votes.  All the finalist deserve to win.  Each one is doing amazing work and we are so proud to even be considered as a finalist.

We are asking everyone to take a few seconds and follow this link to the voting page and after reading the accomplishments of all the kids and adult groups, that you please cast your vote for your favorite finalist.  You have the ability to vote for your favorite kid and for your favorite adult.  Oceana will announce the winner of each category in early June.  Overseas supporters wishing to cast a vote for Olivia and Carter should enter the following zip code (30215) since the system does not recognize non-US postal codes.

Since starting OMG, Olivia and Carter have been actively working towards making a difference with regards to our oceans.  From collecting Animal Rescue Supplies after the Gulf Oil Spill to help save the many sea birds and sea turtles caught-up in the mess, to lobbying for support from our Congressman Lynn Westmoreland for the H.R.-14 Ocean Acidification Act, to raising awareness about the horrible Shark Finning which kills an estimated 75-100 million sharks every year, to launching their “Say No To Plastic Bags” Coalition in and effort to help America reduce their dependancy on Single-Use Plastic Bags which end up sitting in our landfills for over 500-years and clog our streams and oceans.  Each year an estimated 1-Million Sea birds and over 100,000 Marine Mammals die from ingesting plastic pollution.

Carter and Olivia know that many of these problems will not be solved overnight, but they also know that unless you start, none of these problems will ever go away.  They work hard to make this world a better place for us… and for all of God’s creatures.  We hope you will take the time to vote for your favorite Ocean Hero and that you too will help make a difference for the future.

Also, if you have not already done so, please “Follow” us on Twitter (@1moregeneration) and “Like” us on Facebook so we can keep up with all that you are doing and so you can see what Olivia and Carter are up too as well.