Cause of the Week – The Boston Marathon

Submitted by Alleigh Marre. Help Alliegh run the marathon here.

On April 18th I will be running in the 2011 Boston Marathon. Competing in a marathon is something I’ve always wanted to do. Now that I’m healthy and have time to train for such a demanding sport – I’m going to do it! I’m fundraising for an awesome organization, Playworks, which helps to make recess a constructive time for kids to get exercise, learn, and play.

Why I’m running the Boston Marathon:
My collegiate athletic career was cut short when I began experiencing health problems after my freshman year. After sitting out several seasons, I finally learned I had Lyme disease and a hole in my heart. I was able receive treatment, and after two years, I’m ready to get back into athletics. I’ve set the April Boston marathon as my personal goal to return to running.

Why I’m Fundraising for Playworks:
I grew up playing sports. Whether it was basketball, cross country, track, or lacrosse…I was always on the go. My history with athletics has shaped my work ethic, ability to participate in a team enviornment, desire to always improve, and above all – it was fun.

I would have never known I was a capable athlete if it weren’t for having the chance to play and learn during recess. Unfortunately, not all children have this same opportunity to develop, learn, and play. That’s where Playworks comes in – Playworks is dedicated to supporting learning by providing safe, healthy and inclusive play and physical activity to schools at recess.

Why is Playworks important?
– Recess is the single biggest opportunity to raise the level of physical activity for all children

– Children in urban, low-income schools are less likely to have recess than students in other schools. Teachers cite improved behavior in the classroom when students have recess.

– Recess helps kids stay focused in the classroom

– Play is essential to child development and an invaluable tool for improving school climate. High quality recess helps children return to the classroom focused and ready to learn.

Please help me support a truly meaningful organization providing great value to kids across the country by donating to my Boston Marathon team. You can do so here.