10k for 2010 – Cause of the Week

Our Cause of the Week 10k for 2010

Mick Griffin, a UK native, had a new years resolution just like everyone else, but his is different. Its an outward focused goal and one he intends to keep.  His resolution is to raise 10k during 2010. We can all learn a lesson from the idea Mick is putting forward in the fact that his goal for the new year isn’t about just losing weight or making more money but its to better the lives of others.

Thats what 10k for 2010 is all about raising 10k for different Charities during the year. Continue reading for our interview with Mick.

What is 10k for 2010’s mission?

It is my personal goal to raise $10,000 in 2010.

But the most important factor of my project is that the people get to decide where they donate their money too.

I believe there are many great causes out their that need people’s help and attention, so rather than choose one to fundraise for, I have chosen many. I have various donation pages including Oxfam, Unicef, and Doctors Without Borders. But people can just go and donate to their local shelter or orphanage.

This is a simple project in which I just want to inspirer people to do something good for people that really need it.

How do you plan on accomplishing 10k for 2010’s goal?

Well, this I guess is the interesting bit. Basically I plan to run myself into the ground. I will be entering various athletic events throughout the year to raise funds whenever possible. But these will not just be large, organized events. I’ll be visiting various cities this year on business, so I plan to run one-man events for sponsorship. Maybe a midnight 10k in Miami, or an 80K Central Park Cycle? Along the way, I’ll be looking for help from the locals for routes and ideas.

I also will be offering my services online to anyone with a legitimate need who is willing to make a nice donation. I have experience in email marketing campaigns, social media, marketing, sales, customer support, and all things web 2.0. But most of all, I plan to use my network of professionals, friends, and family around the world to complete any reasonable task someone is willing to donate for.

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